Tree Powder Shower

Asako Kajiura

I live in Niigata, Japan, with my husband and my dog, who bring me immense happiness and joy. I love drawing with crayons. It is my creative passion. I also like spending time in nature, hiking in summer, and snowshoeing in winter. Giving Thai massage treatments to people who are suffering is rewarding. I also love teaching Thai massage.




Crayon Drawing

Crayons are ideal for artists… A variety of crayon-drawing techniques enable artists to create artworks blending extraordinary feelings and powerful movement. The main themes of my crayon drawings are animals and nature. I especially focus on the issues of animal rights and welfare. Animal abuse deeply disturbs me. Creating images to represent animal rights and abuse empowers me to contribute to positive changes.

Thai Massage

I learned nuat phaen boran (Thai traditional massage) at Wat Pho. Wat Pho is one of the most well-known temples in Thailand. Temples used to serve as hospitals and centers of education. Wat Pho was the first official Thai massage school in Thailand. It is still considered the best.



Niigata, Japan